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Mariquita Project

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2002 - 2003

In Mariquita we now have 58+ students. Our sponsored children attend different schools in and around Mariquita. Once a year we arrange a picnic outing to gather all the children and their families.

In Mariquita we now have five different schools that are accommodating our students in groups of 8 to 15. Because these children have little or no previous education, the schools must provide special classes for our kids until they can be integrated into their proper grade level.
Viviana is 12-years old but has only been in school for two years. She is very proud of her Honorable Mention certificate. A special school recently opened in Mariquita for the education of developmentally-disabled and learning-impared children. Four of our sponsored children attend "La Escuela de Esperanza", the School of Hope.


2001 - 2002

Our first six students at the Mariquita project pose with their families. Also shown are the principal, a local doctor, a dentist, and a psychologist who have donated their time to help these lucky children.

One week before school we had a meeting for the 15 new students; only six could afford the bus fare to attend! Some come from as far as two hours away, and we are now providing bus fare for those who need it.


Two weeks after school started, the whole class had new uniforms and flashy new book bags.
These children range from 5 to 9 years old and have
never attended school before!

Students of our first Mariquita class pose with their parents. The teacher is the woman on the right.

A Mariquita student
at home with her parents.

A Mariquita student in front of the
one-room home that she shares with her parrents
and two siblings.

A Mariquita student poses in her
new P.E. uniform.

A Mariquita student at home
with her grandmother, wearing her new
school uniform.


I avoided the grueling 6-hr bus ride from Bogotá
thanks to the commander of Mariquita's anti-narcotics base. He is supportive of our efforts and donates transportation on military flights.


Talk about work ethic!
I bought this shoeshine boy an ice cream, but before
he could finish it, a customer came along. Rather than miss the business, he shined the shoes with one hand while eating ice cream from the other.


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