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Medellin Project

2003 - 2004

Our lively group, shown here with three younger siblings who

will study in a year or two, show that kids are the same

everywhere, regardless of socio-economic status.

Our sponsored kids, with their new uniforms, try to

suppress their fidgeting and giggles for the photo. They are

very excited for the opportunity to begin the school year!

Laura shows us her enthusiastic smile,

appreciative for the opportunity to go to school.

Laura, one of our most studious,

takes every assignment seriously.

Here, Carlos Mario demonstrates that

he has a devotion to his studies....


... and a wonderful spirit as well!


Angel is our youngest student.

Here, he poses for us in his new uniform in

front of the entrance to his school.

Ana Maria is another excited participant in the program...

... shown here as she proudly takes us

around her new school.


We plan to be able to support the younger siblings

when they reach school age as well.




The entire group of 14 wear their uniforms with pride,

here seated under a school banner.


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