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Tobia Project

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2002 - 2003

Tobia Elementary School  -  24+ Students

Tobia Secondary/High School  -  34+ Students

In Tobia, a much smaller town than Mariquita, every child who wishes to do so now attends school.Part of our sponsorship covers a shuttle for children that could not previously attend due to the lack of transportation. These kids live up to 90-minutes away. It is very cramped, but they are happy to be able to get to school!

Colombia is in a permanent state of war against guerilla insurgents. The secondary/high school in Tobia is located adjacent to Tobia’s regional military station. The constant presence of the soldiers is both a touching and un-nerving reminder of the difficult situation facing these children.


2001 - 2002

Happy to be in school!

Our new First Grade teacher with her class, made possible by sponsors. Before her arrival, the kindergarten and first grade classes were combined; a group of fifty children with only one teacher.

Playing with the kids!

Elementary students in Tobia.

A typical home of a family that can't afford
to send their children to school.

One of our new students in front of his home.

Elementary students in Tobia.

Recess! The children not in uniform were attending their first day
of classes while waiting for their uniforms to arrive.

The Foundation's first meeting with the
principal of the Tobia Elementary School
(second from left) and a representative
of the town's Parent Association (far left).
Cynthia and Jim are on the right.

Downtown Tobia;
a two-hour drive from Bogotá.

These are the 17 high school students (and their parents) who are now able to attend school again.
Until our sponsorship, the older kids in the family had to drop out and find jobs so that the younger children could stay in school. Being able to finish high school will allow these students to gain computer and vocational skills that will make the difference between a good life or a life of seasonal, low-paying agricultural jobs.


Carlos Gomez, the Principal of Tobia High School.
The mural depicts a dove, the symbol of peace, made with the hand prints of each student attending the school.

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